Nordisk Film Tours closed

The tours and exhibition are closed due to Covid-19, stay up to date here or on our Facebook page 'Olsen Banden Udstillingen'.

Nordisk Film rundvisning og events

Nordisk Film Tours and Events

A big welcome on the other side of the movie screen here at the oldest still running movie company in the world.

Experience Nordisk Film

Here at Nordisk Film we offer great experiences in all shapes for all sizes. Whether you wish to follow in the footsteps of Denmarks (in)famous ’the Olsen Gang’, learn more about the golden age of the silent era films or become an expert in sound and movie production through teambuilding exercises, we offer a wide range of unique experiences for all of our guests.

The Olsen Gang
Behind the Curtain
Team Event

The Olsen Gang

Get an exclusive behind the scene look into the making of some of the most iconic and memorable scenes from the legendary Danish heritage franchise ’The Olsen Gang’.

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Nordisk Film Behind the Curtain

Step through the doors of the oldest running movie company in the world and experience the historical journey of the polar bear from then till now.

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Team Event

Strengthen the corporate ties between coworkers through a unique teambuilding exercise in the magical making of your own movie, where you get to be the main star!

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Fun facts

More than 70.000

visitors in our ’The Olsen Gang’-exhibition since its opening in January 2018.

1-104 years

That’s how big the age varies between our visitors.


Tours have been held at Nordisk Film in 2019.